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Re: Chevy Chase says doing Community show was a "Big Mistake"

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He's nearly 70. Doing a TV show with 20-odd episodes a season isn't easy for those half his age.
Betty White is 90 and she is doing a weekly sitcom with 22 - 24 episodes per season.
And even without the sitcom, she's getting so much favorable attention from fans and other actors/actresses. She seems quite thankful and positive for this resurgence, which happened just a few years ago and she's been nurturing it very well ever since. That's opened a lot of doors for her, and rightly so.

Chevy should take notes.
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I've loved Betty White forever. I think it's her openly fun personality that helps.
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Betty White is 90? Wow. She looks pretty good for her age!

Ew! No, not like that.

I mean she just doesn't look like she's 90 and she seems like she's in remarkably good health and active compared to most nonagenarians, even celebrity ones.
She is so much fun to watch in Hot in Cleveland.

As Rose she had a line in Golden Girls, when the girls were talking about taking care of each other in their old age, that seems almost prophetic in a sad way now: "What if only one of us is left?"
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