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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

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I agree. I like the idea of there being no character who is immune from getting the axe (or even being transferred and becoming just a recurring guest star).
On Babylon 5, did all the characters not have an "out" written for them, a means of finishing off the character and allowing the actor to leave should they so wish? Such a system makes sense to me, as then if somone wants to move on to other things they have a means to go that finishes off their storylines without just killing them.

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I've been annoyed with modern Trek for each Trek character (even completely irrelevant ones like Harry on Voyager or the black guy on Enterprise) having their own circle of fans.
I do admit that some characters are pretty pointless and annoying, but some people just like certain characters for whatever reason and dislike others as well.

Trek does need to avoid character like Token...sorry I mean Travis Mayweather, who really was there to tick the diversity box.
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