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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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The thing is I personally could punch everyone in the face who shows these "negative traits" in real life. So it's a default turn off on television.

I don't watch Political News anymore, precisely because I'm not entertained by the Self Serving Politicians, whose primary goal is to make the other side look bad, rather then solve the problems they were elected to solve. I like to debate Politics, but, lately that's become impossible, because people no longer actually debate the issues, they nitpick the meaning of words, and throw shiny balls in the air for you to chase, so, you'll get frustrated and accept the lack of debate on the actual issue.

As far as Business Leaders go, I certainly agree, they are self serving and care more about the money going into their pocket then about your ability to put food on your family's table, but, they aren't petty and Negative the way Politicians and the SGU S1 characters are, no one would tolerate that treatment from a CEO, and they would be replaced, because that's NOT Leadership.
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