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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Talk about double standard ....This is one of the reason why I honestly don’t like guys at times. Hey Bry Sinclair have you ever heard of this Christina Aguilera song called Can hold us down. Well let me tell you some of the lyrics to the song.

’’So what am I not supposed to have an opinion
Should I be quiet just because I'm a woman
Call me a bitch cos I speak what's on my mind
Guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled’’.
Can’t say that I’ve heard of that song by Christina, though I do like “Beautiful”.

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You call Uhura bitch and why?
Because I found her to be a cold and unlikable character, who acted unprofessionally in getting her assignment to the Enterprise and also whilst onboard it to her superior. She has an attitude that isn’t what I’d come to expect from Uhura and really grates on me.

Kirk is a womaniser, everyone knows it. But if he was a user of women, then word would spread across campus and he’d never get lucky.

How does he “humiliate” them? I didn’t see any posters about the Academy rating the women he’s slept with, or him posting naked pictures he’s taken on his blog, or dishing the dirt with McCoy and his other friends. He is a young man at the Academy doing what many young people (both male and female) do when at university.

Galia is an Orion, who produces powerful pheromones that men can’t resist, so she more than likely bedded him.

As for the Kobyashi Maru, he gets a commendation for ‘original thinking’ for his act of sabotage and cheating. Whilst perhaps not the best reason for it, it does display out of the box thinking, which was one of the things Pike liked about him.

I have never liked Kirk. He’s a misogynistic, egotistical jerk, who gets let off with far too much by Starfleet Command (hell, they even promoted him in the Real Universe). The only good think about Nu-Kirk is that he is far hotter than RU Kirk.

Terms like “As a guy” are sexist and making huge assumptions about me, whilst “not even human” comes across as xeno-racist. You don’t seem to have issues with Nu-Uhura sleeping with a half-alien. Every Trek has characters enjoy emotional and physical relationships with others of many different species, as mature and reasonable adults.

I dont think calling you a guy is are a guy are you not. Bitch is just wrong,you dont call a woman a bitch because she speaks her mind and doesnt like to be walked all over

No, instead she just sleeps with her professor.

You’re right, many people would be annoyed/angry/violated to have someone watch them undress. When did he touch her breasts? That’s a scene I cannot remember.

The bar scene it was by accident but he enjoyed it...see the smirk on his dirty little face.

My opinions of the character have nothing to do with that scene. I just don’t get a good feeling from the character throughout the film. Surely you’ve watched a film/series and taken a dislike to a character, everybody does. Nu-Uhura is like that for me.

Then why go to Spock, a man she has influence over and not the woman who was issuing the ship postings? If she is so great then she would be the one that would need to be convinced.

As for ‘strong independent woman’, I like those characters (Kira and Torres are among my favourites of any series, with Admiral Nechayev being a recurring character I have always liked, despite always being class as a ‘bitch’).

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shame on you for calling her a bitch.
Shame on me for expressing an opinion that the character comes off as unpleasant, arrogant and stuck up, none of which has anything to do with her gender, but her as a character. I always liked Uhura, and when I heard of Nu-Trek I had hopes that they would make more of her, building on the graceful and elegant manner of Uhura from TOS, instead we get a character who is as charming as an enraged targ.

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Sexism works both ways, and comments such as this I find offensive. And please, I’m 30 years old, by no means a “boy”.

Fact 1. kirk humiliated the extended kobiyashi maru scene....she looked all happy when she was about to read Kirk's note only to find out that there was no note and she was been used,in the commentary JJ said the look on galia face during kirk’s interrogation about him cheating on the test was anger.

Fact 2. It makes no difference what are Galia's pheromones are..we are talking of morality here and she and kirk have none.

Fact 3. I dont think it is just sex, Uhura seems to be genuinely in love with Spock...unlike kirk and galia who are in lust and it’s not like Spock is her high school teacher. A professor and college student dating is frowned upon but not banned like a high school student and a teacher. Besides Spock is only like 3 years older, It’s not like she hooked up with Captain Pike and more importantly Spock is like a student teacher at the academy. There is a good chance that their relationship started when they were both students, him in his final year and she in her first year.

Fact 4. I would say uhura has a lot of different sides to her judging from her first appearance. She is obviously popular among her peers, she has a lot of girl friends she even says hi to them before she goes to the bar and she is popular with the boys as some of them were willing to protect her from kirk’s harassment. Uhura is obviously close to her roommate although she does not appreciate her bringing guys back to their room, yes she was mean to Kirk (for good reasons), she respects Captain Pike and she is very loving to Spock .there are different sides to her. Its a shame you only choose to see the her negative side

Fact 5. Okay this one is not that straight forward. I would advise you to read A STAR TREK NOVEL called STAR FLEET ACADEMY: THE GEMINI AGENT. In that novel she and Spock discussed how people are posted to federation ships.

If you don’t consider the book canon and you judge canon only on the film then it means Spock is the one who assign people to the ship and it was illogical for him to assign her to the wrong ship because he didn’t want to show favoritism. She had no one else to go to but him

Fact 6. Kira and torres had like 100+ episodes to prove their strengths. Nu-Uhura had 1 movie which was less than 2 hours to prove her strength and I will say she did, starting with her getting her deserved place on the enterprise and also when Spock left after almost killing kirk.

Uhura did not go Bella Swan on Kirk and the rest of her crew mates instead she stayed and continued to help them look for ways to defeat Nero despite the fact that her boyfriend was no longer the captain and even part of the crew at that very moment.
Is she was weak she will perhaps have relived herself of her duty and gone to be with Spock but she didn’t.

Fact 7. Calling a woman a bitch is always a no no...take it from a girl like me that loves fantasy and science fiction. Princes Leia and Hermione Granger are more feisty, more bossy and have more attitude problem than Nu Uhura...Heck even their Ron and Han Solo get frustrated with their behavior at times. Does that make then bitchy?

Looking back now , Its kind of funny because I have heard some HP fans and SW fans call leia and Hermione bitches.

Fact 8. O well and your a guy....when I am with a group of friends, I am always considered as one of the guys .

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