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Thanks for all the compliments, guys.

JES wrote: View Post
I'm almost a little surprised that your Botany Bay redesign has been taken as well to as she has, especially given that, canonically speaking, there is no reason that her design should have changed.

But if everyone else is okay with the redesign, then so am I.
Yeah, I know that the official line is that everything up until the destruction of the Kelvin is supposed to be the same as in TOS, I don't really that would keep them from radically changing what different elements would look like. Take Starfleet Academy and San Francisco for example... a totally different approach.

Ian Keldon wrote: View Post
Hey Madman, one question: She seems a little small to be carrying 70 people plus all the gear they'd need to found a colony. Am I misjudging the scale wrong, because those landers look about Apollo-sized?
Ian Keldon wrote: View Post
That's what I get for not making sure I hadn't skipped any posts...

Still seems a little small for the amount of cargo, etc they'd also need to send down. Esp since those capsules look to be "one way" types.
I was thinking 18-20 each... and the command module up front can separate and land as well, if it has to. Also, the cargo modules are habitable, and I was thinking that they might be able to spin, to provide a little artificial gravity. The original Botany Bay had full on artificial gravity, so I thought I should acknowledge that.

1 deck on each side of the rotating sections, where I'd imagine the cryo chambers are. Behind that is the reactor, to power the ion engines.

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