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Re: How many God like people/races were there in TOS exactly?

I don't think the Metrons really qualified as "gods," but rather people whose technology was just a bit more advanced than the Federation's. What did they have really? The ability to bring two starships to a halt in space would seem to be the big one, other than that the Metrons had a long range transporter.

The caretaker would also fall under advanced technology as well. He possess no natural abilities that were "god-like," just machines.

Apollo did have a unusual organ in his chest, the machine in the temple boosted his power, but the impression I received was that he could manifest god-like powers on his own, maybe at lesser levels.

Trelane had a machine too, but didn't seem to need it, so god-like.

The Dowd, Q, Prophets, Organiains all seem to meet the definition.

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge

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