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Re: Episode of the Week: The Battle

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Troi says she can sense strong deception on Bok’s part.
...When it had been established previously that the Ferengi had closed minds that she couldn't read.

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BTW, what’s with the episode title? There are lots of battles in Star Trek, both literal and metaphorical. In what way is this “The” battle?
I was always under the impression that the title refers to The battle of Maxia. Maybe you are onto something in that it means the metaphorical battle - of Picard against his own mind and memories.

Some observations (forgive their brevity, I type as i watch);

Geordi's overdub of "Constitution" for "Constellation is very obvious in HD.

Even amongst the bad writing we can still find gems - "You wouldn't want him, he's second-hand merchandise." (Riker reffering to Data's price)

Funny watching Picard demonstrate the Picard Maneuver with a very anachronistic pen.

What kind of medical ethics does Beverley follow? She injects a sleeping drug into Picard without asking, telling him only after she administers it and he asks.

I actually liked Wesley's interaction with Troi and Beverley here, even if it was another contrived "Wesley saves the day" scenario... "You're welcome Ladies".

Worf was responsible for transfering over the Captains belongings? Is there no quatermaster or lowly ensign that could handle such a menial task on a ship with over a thousand crew?

A nice moral speech at the end about revenge being unprofitable and letting the past stay in the past.
One day soon, man is going to be able to harness incredible energies, energies that could ultimately hurl us to other worlds in... some sort of spaceship.
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