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Re: Way of The Warrior: Battle with the Klingons

It isn't necessarily any more ridiculous than a battleship armed with 16in guns facing the enemy (also/only) with 0.30in machine guns. Depends on the nature of the threat, I guess.

It would be nice to give those pillbox things a smaller-caliber projectile, to better match the overall small size of the features. Curiously, I don't think we ever saw the "regular" torpedo tubes of the station firing - the ones with the muzzles somewhere near the tops of the weapons sails, as in "Emissary".

Note also that there appeared to be many "calibers" of phaser in use, with beams of differing thicknesses; the narrowest ones came from the multi-segment strips on the weapons sails and from the simple strips on the pillboxes, while dedicated boxy mounts atop the habitat ring produced thicker beams.

Weapons sail fires (small?) torps from the center of the phaser strip and from muzzles in the rotating pillbox:

Weapons sail fires narrow phaser beams, element by element; faint remains of a beam fired by the pillbox are also visible:

Somewhat thicker beams seem to be projected by the boxy things atop habitat ring:

Some of the beams are quite thick compared with the ships targeted:

Outer pylon boxes appear to fire heftier torpedoes from a single muzzle:

Now, everything seen is subject to scaling ambiguities. But IMHO it would make sense for both the torpedoes and the phasers fired by "combined" platforms such as the pillboxes or the sail phaser mounts to be smaller/weaker than those fired by "dedicated" platforms such as the outer pylon boxes (torps only) or the habitat ring boxes (phasers only)...

Timo Saloniemi
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