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Re: Stanley Kubrick marathon

Wow, I figured there wasn't going to be much response for these little seen documentaries but I didn't expect no response at all.

The next entry in my marathon is Kubrick's first feature-length film, Fear and Desire. The film has only five actors and tells a rather simple story of four soldiers who crash landed behind enemy lines during a war between two unnamed countries (but the parallels to U.S/Germany are present). The dialogue is poorly written and the acting doesn't help any. The screenplay is written by Kubrick high school friend and future The Great White Hope scribe, Howard Sackler, and while I've heard nothing but great things about both the play and film adaptation (also written by Sackler), I found nothing interesting in this script. Unlike much of Kubrick's later work, this film was a bit heavy handed in the characters expressing how they feel with motivations that feel purely plot driven. Perhaps this is why Kubrick tried so hard to obtain all copies of the film to prevent anyone from screening the film later in his career (which was mostly successful until his death). That being said, it was fun to see Kubrick's earliest venture into film and it's interesting to note that this was the first time Kubrick cast actors in multiple roles.

Next up: Killer's Kiss which is co-written by Sackler and Kubrick and features Fear and Desire's Frank Silvera.
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