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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

More upgrades and more work
Deck 4 was pretty out of whack once it was reimported. Had to go back to the original
buildup and check placement on all the pieces. Finally got it in place and correct. Thought
I had this done before; but, some of the parts were still a bit off. So, I'm off to the races
again. The images here show some mods in progress. The Bridge deck floor has finally been
hacked down into floor and ceiling sections. With that done, the remainder of the bracing
for that deck can be built and tied into the lower structure. I've dealt with decks 2-4 as
a single unit up to now. And they're still largely inseperable as the structure all ties together

On deck 4, you can see some placeholders protruding through the outer hull. These show
where the limits for the water tanks are and where plumbing and ductwork are to be routed.
The structural members for decks 1-4 will all be generated and tied together while the dressout
for decks 3 & 4 is done.
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