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Re: Seska's poor unamed lost baby

Dr Chandler is played by Sam Neil.

Also Hugo Weaving is accused of murder just because he ate a guy who committed suicide in his apartment after answering an personal ad to be eaten.

90 percent of any story here is set outside the courtroom, and the actual cases are rarely the impetus of the drama rather than plot from the preceding weeks in his personal life continuing to boil over.

Cleaver Greene, the anti-hero leading the series is juggling his best friends wife he's having an affair with, his exwife and his favourite prostitute he's trying to transform into a girlfriend, while keeping them all from talking to each other about him.

Which is all just a backdrop for between periodic beatings from the mob for not paying his excessive and compounding gambling debts...

Then in season 2 after he's caught by the press fooling around with the State Premiere played by Tony Colette, after which his adventures seem to take on a more political angle because her husband is the minister of Police, decides to destroy our hero.

It's good.

But watch Wonderfalls first.
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