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Re: Need help with a TOS fan fic

Well I have completely written past the scene I was needing help with. And I would have had this fan fic written weeks ago if it weren't for my health taking a turn for the worst.

I hear some of you saying technobabble isn't a good thing, and I agree. But I wanted to put Scotty in a scene. And I wanted Spock to come to engineering and have him and Scotty exchange dialogue. Now obviously they aren't going to talk about philosophy, they're going to talk about getting warp engines online, and the technobabble being just padding between some whimsical moments and banter.

It is my belief that technobabble makes for good padding, but makes a horrible plot device.

I also think technobabble can be used for a bit of comedy. such as:
Kirk gets on the intercom and asks Scotty how the progress is going. Scotty whips out an enormous line of nonsensical technobabble. Kirk says "Good good. But what about the quantum defibrillator? is it running."
Scotty says puzzled "uh, aye sir, it's working fine."
"Glad to hear it, Kirk out."
And one of the crewmen overhears and says "wow Captain, you've studied quantum warp mechanics?"
Kirk smiles and says "No, actually I have no idea what the quantum defibrillator is. For all I know Scotty made it up. I just like to ask questions. Makes it seem like I'm on his tail, to keep him busy."
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