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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

Why not? They would have been a side note to Sisko or Worf, who wouldn't be involved in the selection of targets or the planning of the attacks. That's an entirely different department altogether.
But that already requires a lot of explaining. Why wasn't Bajor bombarded all the time? Why didn't the Klingons constantly bombard Cardassia in return? Sisko was at the very thick of things, by far the most likely location in the entire war for the use of cloaked missiles - two planets of utmost strategic importance separated by a minimal distance, one controlled by ruthless murderers perfectly comfortable with raining cloaked death, the other by the Dominion. Any other two systems would be more widely separated and the missile strike a riskier endeavor, with reliable crewed starships outperforming the automated missiles.

If not for the Eastern Front, WWII would have been concluded by this very type of warfare, with Germany bombarding Britain to submission across the Channel with ballistic weapons, and Britain futilely attempting the reverse with aerodynamic (and crewed) weapons.

the land armies -- the people most likely to use those kinds of weapons
I'd argue that the dramatic analogy would be to strategic weaponry traditionally operated by the Navy: SLBMs and stealthy SLCMs. Land armies would be but targets, especially from the point of view of the audience. After all, we can worry about the lack of missile portrayal in the episodes - but if they were portrayed, we would be well aware of the precedent of what we would see, which is affordable destruction such as entire planets being slagged, rather than prohibitively expensive destruction such as a squad getting blown to bits. In short, both the effects and the causes would be right in Sisko's ballpark, not in Lieutenant Burke's.

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