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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

I honestly don't understand all the attention this is getting and am getting seriously tired of all the indignation. It wasn't any more egregious than the more notorious botched coin flips, push-offs, phantom PI calls, and miss-called non catches of the last 50 years of NFL football.

The hyperbole and outrage of it being the "worst call in history" is just plain stupid. There have been many that were worse--several of which were in late season games or in the playoffs. This was a week three game.

The only reason this has garnered as much attention as it did is because people are trying to turn the replacement refs into scape goats. The poor guys were put into a shitty situation and are just doing their jobs.

People have even called them scabs. The thing is, had they not come to the rescue, the NFL would have been facing its second lockout situation in as many years. This would have killed the sport.

Could they be doing a better job? Absolutely. But the media and players are just as responsible for the circus as they are. There have been plenty of right calls over the last few weeks that have been marked wrong by the announcers or by players complaining about them in the post game. This has made these guys intimidated and unsure of themselves, and the whole thing has spun out of control. How many of the calls on Sunday were the direct result of coach and or player solicitation? There's plenty of people to blame for creating this current atmosphere.

And ESPN devoting more time to breaking down the film than the Warren Commission did the Grassy Knoll tape isn't helping matters.

Honestly, I'm partly convinced the only reason they obsessed over it so much is because they can't face the fact their darling Packers aren't nearly as good as they thought they were. The only "butthurt" the Packers received was thanks to the Seahawk's defense. Had they really played as well as they're supposedly able to, that play would have never happened.

So if you want to blame someone, blame Discount Double Check for playing like shit. Don't blame the replacement refs.
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