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Re: TP: Brinkmanship by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Efheny stayed because ab-Tzenketh is such a remarkable world in every single way, especially compared to Cardassia. There's practically unlimited resources there.
Rhetorical generalities with little substance.
'practically unlimited resources'? Not for her - not for most
Cardassia Prime has been described as a sere world, a world with a barely manageable history of poverty and chaos, its recent experience marked by terrible instability, want, and mass death.

Ab-Tzenketh as experienced by Efheny is none of these things: temperate, stable, capably-managed. From my perspective I'd argue that Tzenkethi civilization is much more brittle than Cardassian--how would the Tzenkethi handle being defeated and occupied after war like the Cardassians if their elite ensures most of their species doesn't even know about aliens? not well I'd bet--but from the perspective of a Cardassian who is very afraid of instability Tzenkethi civilization doesn't look at all bad.

Tzenkethi. She - they - are slaves. Most, perhaps, willing slaves - due to their genetic make-up and brain-wash. That's the limit of their lives.
'every single way'? Obviously not. If you're talking about positives, that is.
Ab-Tzenketh does have a certain potential attraction to Cardassians, in that the Tzenkethi appear to have successfully established the sort of paternalistic authoritarian civilization that the Cardassians had tried to create. The Federation agent, Andy, is right to note that Cardassian civilization hewed closer to the norms of Tzenkethi civilization than that of the other Typhon Pact states.
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