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Re: Anyone Find Generations "Saucer crash" to be poorly done?

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The windows are transparent aluminum... this is stated. If the ship supposedly crashed hard enough to shatter metal then why didn't anything else shatter? Why don't they shatter when photon torpedoes strike the ship. Those should be impacting with as much force than any collision. It's just sloppy any way you look at it and the effects people forgot those windows were supposed to not be glass.
Different metals break under different stresses.

And moving the children into the star drive for any reason is just stupid. Worf even jumps on a kid's case when he's caught wondering down there one episode. Again, the whole purpose of the saucer section is to have all the civilians in it when they need to separate on a moment's notice... so they'd have those classrooms there too. There's no other reason for this that doesn't require the main character to be stupid to explain it... the real reason is just artificial drama.
Maybe they were on a school excursion or something. Maybe camping beneath the deuterium tanks.
It's a thin excuse and I suspect you know it about the glass. As for camping trips? That's another excuse and not a good one. If they want to camp they have... holodecks... in the Saucer... there's no reason AT ALL any civilian should have been in the drive section.
Maybe so, but really, chill out. It's all make believe anyway.
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