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Re: Seska's poor unamed lost baby

Seska is a loophole, because she isn't a kazon female, they can treat her like a man they can have sex with... Not that we have any idea how they feel about homosexuality, that there arn't plenty of men that male Kazon already enjoy having sex with.

SESKA: Don't be so sure about that. What did you do to the two men who refused your offer?
CULLUH: I killed them.
SESKA: Yes. And by doing that, you sent a message. The Kazon-Nistrim are powerful again. First Maje Jal Culluh has technology that no other sect possesses. Join with him, or suffer the consequences.
CULLUH: Maybe the mistake was to approach the Relora. They're already strong. But the transporter may be enough to convince the Hobii to join me. And perhaps the Mostral.
SESKA: Yes. And with a few more ships, you can defeat Voyager. And when you have the rest of their technology, the other sects will have no choice but to fall into line. That's why I sent a subspace message to the Mostral, the Hobii and the Oglamar.
CULLUH: You did what?
SESKA: I told them about the transporter, asked them to help us take Voyager.
CULLUH: You have gone too far.
SESKA: I sent the messages in your name.
CULLUH: I am the leader of this sect. You are only a woman.
SESKA: I'm sorry, Culluh.
CULLUH: You'll address me as Maje.
SESKA: Yes. Maje. Please, forgive me.
CULLUH: So, how did the other sects respond to my request?
SESKA: They're on their way to join us.
CULLUH: I could do what no one has done since Jal Sankur united the sects to overthrow the Trabe.
SESKA: Yes, Maje.
CULLUH: I could have hundreds of ships and thousands of soldiers under my command.
SESKA: Yes, Maje.
CULLUH: I could be the most powerful Kazon in the quadrant.
SESKA: Yes, Maje.
He wants to forgive her impertinence because he loves her. Which is why they had sex instead of Cullah sending that Cardassian spook out for a flogging.

Seska doesn't love him.

He's just her work husband.

It's her job to make him love her.

She's more intelligent and devious than he is.

To say that he wasn't in love with her as strongly as she needed him to be, to get the job done means that she was letting the side down.and that he was smarter and more complicated than we gave him credit for.

Love and respect are different stuff too.

But she couldn't hold her position without having him tied around her finger, even if he was just giving her slack so that he could enjoy the ride before he had to space her.

But you can tell that she was also planning on having him killed first.

So what's worse, a backward thug who might as well be from the 1850s expressing love in so far as his concepts of love and freedom permit, or a fully actualized postpostpostmodern liberated woman who can't stop lying very very well?
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