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British Fantasy Series Sinbad Coming to Syfy

I just found out that Syfy has (possibly?) picked up the British fantasy series, Sinbad. I've been curious about this one since I saw of the first trailer before it aired over in the UK. It looks like it could be fun to me. It definitely gives off kind of a Middle Eastern Merlin vibe. I love Merlin so that is only a plus for me.
Here's the description off of
Sinbad finds himself at sea having fled his home - and had a curse put on him by his grandmother - in his hometown of Basra. Of course, it's not plain sailing and his ship, Providence, soon stumbles across a storm which forces the unlikely band of travellers together. The 12-part series promises "a 21st century take on the classic 8th century iconic hero" for Sky1. Newcomer Elliot Knight plays Sinbad while his nemesis Lord Akbari is played by Lost's Naveen Andrews
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