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Re: Who's your favorite Trek actor at conventions?

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My conventions started around 1996 and became an annual summer tradition by 2007. After seeing Nichelle Nichols at a book signing, I saw John DiLancie, LeVar Burton, Ethan Phillips, Terry Farrell, Sally Kellerman and Kate Mulgrew at separate conventions. Mulgrew was incredibly witty and consistently funny. Phillips also had many amusing recollections. But in the end, being classically biased, my best experience would have to be James Doohan in '96, at my first convention.
well now, bias or no, tell us of this meeting with the engineer of engineers back in that simpler time period, earth 1996....
I almost met Nimoy, but he was sick. People wrote him various well wishes on small pieces of paper, looked at his exhibit, which was interesting - it would have been a great evening - but glad he is well, and hopefully enjoying the hell out of life like Shatner really seems to...full on, sails to the wind.....
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