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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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Don't tell me my opinion is irrelevant. Your "evidence" is in a book, not in the show, regardless of what that book was meant to represent.
The evidence is in the show -- Dehner's line about Kirk's first command, which is most likely a reference to an earlier ship. It's not very strong evidence, no, but it's the only actual evidence we have either way. So there's a little evidence that he did have a former command and absolutely no evidence that he didn't. And common sense also comes down on the side that he did have a former command.

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But if you were to go strictly with spoken dialogue, than the only captain in all the Trek shows confirmed to have a command before their series is Picard. And even he has a ten year gap between commands. How weird is that?
No, Janeway was also confirmed to have at least one prior command. In "Revulsion," at Tuvok's promotion ceremony, she said, "The first time I met Tuvok he dressed me down in front of three Starfleet admirals for failing to observe proper tactical procedures during my first command." (Thus canonizing a bit of backstory which Jeri Taylor had established in her Janeway biography novel Mosaic.)

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Was Janeway the CO of the USS Billings?
Tuvok said in "Night" that she was "a commander on the USS Billings," which suggests she was a first officer of commander rank. If he'd meant she was the CO, he most likely would've said "the commander of the USS Billings" instead.
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