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Re: Paddling a 16-year-old giirl at school: is everyone stupid here?


Word. Taking a "beating like a man" is turning around and defending yourself. Interesting to note that the girl and mother seeming "okay" with the spanking itself seems to be a variation on "battered-wife syndrome."

Now I could reasonable see "a" need to maybe spank a grade-school aged kid. I'm not sure on where the line is drawn on disciplining a child but I'm pretty sure it'd be before middle-school and certainly before freaking-HIGH SCHOOL.

This girl is 16 years old. Legally an adult for many purposes in areas of the country. From my understanding she was given a single swat with a paddle that left her with welts and bruises and the inability to sleep on or otherwise use her behind for more than a day. She was given this swat by an adult man.

In what universe is this even slightly okay?

Again, sure, I could see smacking a grade-school child as for young enough kids with little grasp of discipline that can be the only way to get a message across. For a more mature person and they have to choose between the loss of free-time (something that means something to them) with detention or a swat on the ass, sure'll they'll take the latter as it means nothing.

My parents stopped spanking me when I found the concept and experience more funny than meaningful to change my behavior. That was probably in 4th grade at the latest.

This whole thing is messed up and the more messed up part in the initial aftermath of it the school's reaction was simply to alter the "no cross-gender spankings" thing which seemed to be the only real problem the mother had with it.

And she didn't even have a problem with it because her teenage daughter was spanked by a man because it could have sexual implications for either (or both) party/parties (because, yes, the girl is conventionally cute) but simply because a man is stronger and could do more damage with a single hit than a woman potentially could.

Again, WTF Texas?!
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