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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

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This better be the last season. It's stretched pretty damn thin as it is. I really like the show but it's starting to wear out its welcome. Well....more than STARTING to.
Exactly. The show became pretty close to "take it or leave it" TV with the last season (I still have few eps from last season my DVR) and I was only sticking with this season because I thought it was the last one and I wanted to see it through to the end. But if they're going to drag it out I see no reason to keep going given that each season has starting being more "meh' than the last.

Not the mention the fact that they are losing control of their own timeline. Unless Ted's kids are adopted they don't have much longer before he has to actually get married in order for him to have those kids that have been sitting there for the past eight years listening to his story.
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