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Re: Release schedule for remainder of 2012/2013?

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[T]he Trek FAQ 2.0 in particular looks interesting. Is the original FAQ worth picking up, guys?

I really, really like it. I recommend it highly. It's been my "in-between" reading for most of the last month -- when I didn't have anything else to read, I'd bring it up on the Nook and slam a couple chapters. Very, very fun.

I did pick out a few typos and mistakes, but nothing egregious (For example, Arthur W. Saha, the apparent inventor of the word "Trekkie," was identified as "Arthur Sasha," and it was suggested he worked for DAW books in the '60's. Since DAW didn't exist until 1972, that would've been a good trick! Little things like that.)

As it also pointed me to the Frank R. Paul-illustrated cover of the October, 1953 issue of Science-Fiction Plus (edited by dear old Uncle Hugo Gernsback) as one of the inspirations for Roddenberry & Jefferies when designing the U.S.S. Enterprise, I'll forgive the author his slips (my avatar is scanned from the cover of said magazine.)

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