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Re: Is fantasy more popular than science fiction? If so why?

Science fantasy is basically Star Wars, and Star Wars has always been one of the few franchises of SF that transcended a geeky, nerdy ghetto.

But then if aping Star Wars was enough to win sci-fi would be fine by now.
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The OP clearly is taking the position that fantasy and sci fi are different genres. Otherwise, there isn't much to this topic, is there?

Thing is, we all know exactly what we mean here, however one wishes to redefine the words.

To be altogether trite: Technology is playing an increasingly large role in our lives, a lot of it seemigly ripped from science fiction tales of yesteryear - I type now in cyberspace, once a fiction in William Gibson's head, and people use devices that resemble the PADDs of Star Trek, and so on.

In other words, these elements are no longer fantasies we can escape into. They're the world we live.

Alternately, a lot of fantasy deals with wish fufilment based on stuff that will always be impossible (magic) and a sizeable amount also leans towards worlds which operate either on magical principles or pre-industrial principles, or places otherwise alien to our humdrum existence. Fantasy's escapism then isn't something the next technological development can catch up with.

I'm sure there's more to it than that, but if I had to guess I'd assume that's part of the reason. Hell, look at the biggest science fiction hits of the last decade, Avatar - it embraces a pre-industrial society of hunter-gatherers overseen by a benevolent godlike creature as opposed to the high-tech wizardry of future science.
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