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Episode of the Week: The Battle

This week’s episode is The Battle, a snoozer of an episode.

Some of the creative decisions baffle me.

Troi says she can sense strong deception on Bok’s part. When he appears on the Enterprise, he gives an over-the-top performance palpably oozing deception, practically rubbing his hands and drooling in eager anticipation of the double-cross. Even the other Ferengi express suspicion. Why hit us over the head with it like that? It’s as if they wanted to be absolutely sure that no viewer, no matter how little attention he’s paying, can possibly be surprised by later developments.

I find it amusing that the only Ferengi who is ever a real menace promptly gets busted for that unferengi behavior. Roddenberry decided that the big baddies of TNG would be “Yankee traders,” but didn’t write a single story depicting that trait as a reason to fear them. What was he thinking?

BTW, what’s with the episode title? There are lots of battles in Star Trek, both literal and metaphorical. In what way is this “The” battle?
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