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Re: Paddling a 16-year-old giirl at school: is everyone stupid here?

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I'll let you watch this first: Linky

Ok, first of all, I don't understand anything about why any of this would be allowed.

- school allows corporal punishment.
- frail, petite 16, year-old girl would choose this over detention rather than accepting or (in this case, because she did nothing wrong) fighting detection. Her mom (at first) supporting it.

- That a male teacher would be the one doing it.

- Once bad vibes hit about this, the school continues to ALLOW corporal punishment, this time with necessary consent for all aspects.

They lost me at point one. I didn't know corporal punishment was allowed in this day and age.. it seems like everyone involved in this needs to have their head examined!
What the hell?! A highschool spanking a teenage girl as a means of punishment?! What planet am I living on?


[looks into it a bit more]


Of course.
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