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Re: NX class and the Akira Class

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I think it's this one, maybe a little too clean looking for the time period, but cool nonetheless.

Wasn't there a second concept design? Google image search is failing me, but I remember seeing that pic with another, more like a submarine but with a bridge dome on top and warp nacelles from the sides (which looked like ones from a Klingon Vor'cha class ship)
Was it this one?
I don't care for the version whose sketch is posted above, especially the secondary hull, which looks 'awkward' to me....

I had never seen John Eave's 'second' NX proposal (thank you for including the link!), but I think it is a really nice design. But if the NX we got is the 'Akiraprise', then that second Eave's design would have been the 'Galactiprise' with those retractable nacelles coming out from the sides. I would have liked to have seen the 'Galactiprise' on screen as another early Earth vessel, but still prefer the NX-01 that TPTB gave us.
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