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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Good questions, and here are some answers:

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I kept reading here last night that this call couldn't be reviewed, and people seemed to have an issue with the fact that it was reviewed. Well, I thought all scoring plays this season were reviewable, so it seemed legit to me.
A ruling on the field must be made prior to a review (ie, you can't review the tape just to make your ruling, you must have an initial call). The officials chose to rule a catch and touchdown on the field, which under the immediate circumstances was probably the right call. Therefore, during the replay review, they must decide if it was indeed a catch. They ultimately decide that it was a simultaneous catch, and thus confirm the ruling on the field of touchdown.

So their application of the rules was entirely correct: when there is simultaneous possession, it goes to the receiver. What the Referee Official thinks he saw was a simultaneous catch. What's at issue is that the catch does not appear to actually be a simultaneous possession, and should have been overturned.

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Also, the replay booth guys are not replacements and they seem to be getting a free pass. Why aren't they being grilled today for what happened. Why Aren't they having a press conference a la Jim Joyce and apologizing publicly for this?
The misconception here is that replay booth officials have decision-making power on reviews. The sole job of the replay official is to alert the Referee on the field that a review must be conducted. They take a look at every single play inside of two minutes and every play that results in a score, and if there is something that is fishy, they call down to the field and request a replay. The booth officials themselves are not making a ruling, nor can they overturn rulings on the field.

When an instant replay review is taking place, the sole responsibility for the ultimate ruling rests on the Referee Official (Mr White Hat), and no one else.
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