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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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I don't think it's unreasonable at all for Starfleet to assign a Constitution-class ship to one of its most capable up and coming officers, especially if that officer has proven himself/herself as a leader ever since graduating from the Academy.
But where would he have proven himself a leader?
As an officer aboard other ships, especially one that distinguishes himself by lots of commendations and even some medals.
What would he have commanded?
Landing parties, special assignments, and even bridge shifts aboard the vessels he served on. If several of them involved incidents of extreme significance or of importance to Starfleet/the Federation, that would bring attention to him as an officer with command capability. Enough of them strung together could also be looked at as command experience.
Kirk may have leapfrogged over some more experienced people, but such things happen in every occupation.
It doesn't happen too often in military organizations.
But we do know that leapfrogging does happen in Starfleet.
I agree that there's nothing onscreen that confirms either way, but I think an educated guess weighs toward Kirk having commanded a vessel before Enterprise.
An educated guess could also be that Kirk was fairly young when he became a captain and that the Enterprise was his first command.

I don't believe the possibility should just be dismissed as unlikely any more than I think the possibility that he did command an earlier ship should.
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