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Battles in fiction are interesting to the extent you care about the characters, so the issue regarding the clones is definitely about them as characters. If they were better characters, then the battles wouldn't be such a bore.
That's your opinion, but you and I are different. I've only been describing my own personal tastes, and have never claimed that anyone else has to share them. I'm not making any general statements about what's objectively good or bad, just saying that the DeKnight show doesn't sound like it would appeal to me personally. Which is a shame, because there are things about it that do interest me. But war stories turn me off.

In the case of the Clone Wars 4-parter we've been talking about, my point was that I did care about the clone characters once the shooting stopped, but the initial fog-of-war, Saving Private Ryan-homage sequence in the same story was completely tedious for me. So I didn't dislike that scene for the same reason you did, the reason you're describing here. You don't like the clones but think the battles are okay when the characters are interesting. I like the clones fine, I think they're one of the best things about the show, but the battles are my least favorite parts as a rule. Different people, different reactions. Okay?
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