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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Battles in fiction are interesting to the extent you care about the characters, so the issue regarding the clones is definitely about them as characters. If they were better characters, then the battles wouldn't be such a bore.

Band of Brothers is engaging not because the particulars of the battles are interesting in the abstract but because the characters manage to engage the audience's symapthy and interest (despite the characters being somewhat hard to tell apart, everyone wearing the same uniforms and covered in mud.)

If a fictional battle is boring, it's because the writer didn't find a way to make you care about the characters. But if you care about the characters, then you care about anything they do that has important consequences. It could be as mundane as them doing the dishes.

It's easier to see how warfare could be consequential for the characters, so there's no reason to assume that in a series like Incursion, it wouldn't work just as well as anything else the characters could be made to do.

The main issue is, if that's all they do, the writers might run out if ways to make it fresh and novel, but it's sci fi, so that gives them a lot more latitude, and we don't know that fighting is the only thing they're doing.
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