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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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I don't think it's unreasonable at all for Starfleet to assign a Constitution-class ship to one of its most capable up and coming officers, especially if that officer has proven himself/herself as a leader ever since graduating from the Academy. Kirk may have leapfrogged over some more experienced people, but such things happen in every occupation.
Depends on how early in Kirk's career you want to assume he started regularly saving the galaxy. Otherwise, one generally demonstrates one's ability to command by commanding. In TOS, I believe it was mentioned that Kirk was the youngest of the twelve Starship captains (or perhaps it was only in one of the behind-the-scenes books), but otherwise there was no indication that he was considered any kind of special wunderkind.
Actually, I think his youth in TOS does. Depending on what chronology you subscribe to, Kirk was at least thirty-one when he became captain. From cadet to captain in about a decade would seem to indicate someone who moved quickly up the chain of command in a short period of time. In comparison, most officers his age would still be lieutenants.
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My point--pure and simply--is that it really could go either way. There's more than one way to look at Dehner's comment.
Yes, of course there is, but the way you decide between differing possibilities is by weighing their relative probability. While theoretically it could go either way, in this case it is far more likely to go one way than the other. So the more probable interpretation is the preferable one. It's not just a coin flip; we can use our reason and judgment to decide which option works better, and in this case the choice is clear.
Not at all. As long as the possibility remains--and indeed, it does by your own admission--then there's nothing clear about it whatsoever. It just comes down to whatever idea works for you in lieu of any inarguable fact.
The logical conclusion is that, yes, his first command was an earlier ship, and just because it wasn't discussed doesn't mean it didn't exist.
Conversely, there's nothing onscreen that absolutely refutes the Enterprise as his first command. That's a logical conclusion too.
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