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Re: Sisko's favorite baseball team

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What's so funny about that? As you said yourself Lofton was a Brave at the time. Sorta does make sense, someone from New Orleans is probably going to pick the Braves or one of the Texas/Florida teams.

Really doesn't matter too much anyways, baseball allegiances can be tricky things. I managed to be a Cub fan even though I've lived in Texas all my life.

it's easier to "pick" a team to follow these days, too. You're not stuck rooting for your city team because with cable packages and the internet, you can track whatever team you want. Pick the team with the coolest uniform, your favorite player, whatever.
Heh, what made me a Cub fan was they were on every afternoon on WGN.. I live in a part of Texas, that at the time was between the Houston/Texas broadcast areas so I didn't get either team regularly. So if I wanted to watch baseball it was the Cubs... dang good marketing on their part.

Yeah, that's less of a factor these days given the larger cable packages. Ironically those larger cable packages were one of the nails in Trek's coffin.

Yeah, I've heard that WGN created a lot of Cubs fans around the country. The same thing probably happened with the Braves and TBS in the '90s, except that the Braves were actually very good during the time they were on TBS.
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