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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Okay, so I finished the book yesterday. It was a good read but it's my least favorite of Beyer's work thus far. The author still nails the VOY characters - I've never seen anyone do such a remarkable job of fleshing out the Voyager crew and making them complex, three-dimensional characters. The character work in The Eternal Tide continues and is nicely done. I also think that Beyer did a good job at handling Janeway's resurrection, even if I don't particularly think this character needed to return from the dead. I really didn't have an issue with her death and was perfectly fine with the VOY relaunch as it was handled in Beyer's first three installments (Full Circle, Unworthy, and Children of the Storm). I liked that there was an entire fleet of ships exploring the Delta quadrant. I liked the character of Asfarah Eden. And now, by the end of The Eternal Tide, everything has changed. Over half of the fleet has been lost. Eden's story was cut short (and not handled in a terribly interesting way, in my opinion) and the character has been removed so that Janeway can come back and take her place. Meh. I kinda liked things the way they were before. At the rate we're going, the next novel will feature the destruction of the remaining fleet ships except for Voyager, and their slipstream drive will be damaged beyond repair, stranding the ship in the Delta quadrant again and re-creating the series all over again. And then I'd just have to stop reading.
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