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Re: Is fantasy more popular than science fiction? If so why?

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Yes, yes, I've seen you Literary Tsars issue the ukase that SF is Fantasy before.
So now I'm a Literature Tsar? Cool. Do I get a Winter Palace made of books?

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But you're still wrong. On a very simple esthetic level, you're basically claiming that a hiking trip down the Appalachian trail and a cruise to Bali are the same because they're both vacations!
No. Well, actually, yes: I'm claiming exactly that, that both are vacations, two particular examples of a larger category. To build on Deckerd's words, "science fantasy" and "magic fantasy" are both part of "fantasy".

As for the rest of your posts, you seem to enjoy talking to yourself more than talking with people, so I'll leave you to your favourite past-time.

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Warp drives are no more realistic than orcs.
*cough*Alcubierre drive*cough*
The Alcubierre metric, while a theoretically interesting speculation, is still pretty implausible, from the humongous energy requirements, to the issue of information transport, to the problem of impacting a speck of dust at superluminal speed. Compared to that, creating an orc with genetic engineering would be rather mundane.
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