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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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-I kept reading here last night that this call couldn't be reviewed, and people seemed to have an issue with the fact that it was reviewed. Well, I thought all scoring plays this season were reviewable, so it seemed legit to me.
Every play is reviewable, but it's not reviewable for every single thing. For instance, if a ref decides that forward progress is stopped and blows the play dead, you can't challenge that by saying that he was still moving. Likewise, while you can review to make sure the wide receiver caught the ball, you may not be able to review everything in the scoring play.

They didn't change the rules to say that all scoring plays were reviewable, they changed it so every play was in fact reviewed (just not for the things you can't review) even if the coach didn't challenge.

Also, since when was it an official rule that you had to kick the extra point for the touchdown to count. I always thought if you score a touchdown and it's the end of the game, than you don't need to kick the PAT. Before the PAT, it was 13-12, so that's game over right? In OT, if you score a TD, the game is over and you don't have to kick. I was very confused with both those aspects.
I have no idea. Was there time left at the end of the play or was it completely done?
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