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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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My point--pure and simply--is that it really could go either way. There's more than one way to look at Dehner's comment.
Yes, of course there is, but the way you decide between differing possibilities is by weighing their relative probability. While theoretically it could go either way, in this case it is far more likely to go one way than the other. So the more probable interpretation is the preferable one. It's not just a coin flip; we can use our reason and judgment to decide which option works better, and in this case the choice is clear.

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I think the Enterprise being Kirk's first command would be the kind of "WTF?!" moment that TOS, for the most part, successfully avoided. Ships of the Enterprise's class were Starfleet's top of the line, and there were only twelve of them. Competition for those twelve center seats must have been fierce. I'd be very surprised if a Constitution-class vessel was anybody's first command.
Excellent point. It's just not an interpretation that makes sense. The logical conclusion is that, yes, his first command was an earlier ship, and just because it wasn't discussed doesn't mean it didn't exist.
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