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Re: Galaxy Class Upgrade...a work in progress

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I thought that while waiting for updates on the Venture, some of you might enjoy seeing some of my other recent Trek drawings/schematics.

Here is the Nebula Class Upgrade which Jes was referring to:

There are a few details on their I like that I might include on the Venture.

Next up is the Logbow class Runabout. This is the final product of a design that has been in some form of development since the early 200o's and started off as the Raptor Class Fighter. As you might can tell, it was heavily inspired by Data's Scout from Insurrection.

No side view for this will likely be done, so just a heads up to anyone that might want to ask if one is in the works.

And then we have an Ambassador Class upgrade:

Like everything else, this one isn't finished either. lol

And next to last is a shuttlepod design:

I don't have much to say about it, other than the fact that I consider it done.

And last, and certainly the largest design of the bunch a concept for a new Mushroom type starbase:

It's roughly the same size as the old mushroom style bases, but has much more internal volume.

Enjoy and if you like any of them or have comments or questions, then by all means feel free to speak up.
I've always liked your Nebula refit, with all of the additional phaser arrays.

I've always also liked the idea that the Nebula class can be fitted with a mission pod similar to the standard one, but with some of the sensor pallets replaced by many torpedo launchers, making her a sort of torpedo cruiser, similar to the Akira class, but less agile, but perhaps even more heavily armed.

I've had the idea in my head to design refitted versions of the Galaxy class's other cousins: the New Orleans, Challenger, Entente, and Springfield classes, and maybe even fan designs such as the America class battleship, and my own design, which I have decided to call the Nealson class, but given that I already have multiple incomplete designs as it is, I think I should finish the ones I have already started on. I don't think I want to leave as many designs unfinished as you have.

You're certainly quick, even if most of your designs are unfinished. Wish I was as quick, most of the time, I'm as slow as a snail in Illustrator.

And ah yes, the ever ubiquitous Ambassador class refit. There are quite a few designs for the classes upgrade, but it is still nice to see different takes on the design's refit.

If it were me, I would have given the Exeter the registry NCC-26513, but that is because I like making little references to other fan works. In this case, this registry IIRC, was assigned by The Red Admiral, of the now dead

Jimi_James wrote: View Post

I'm also currently working on developing some visual concepts, 2d & 3d, for an original universe space series, that I would eventually like to post here as well. I'm not sure where where I should start the thread though, given that it's not Trek related.
By all means, I think you'll find that anything you post on the Subspace Comms will be welcomed here.
Any chance that we might see some of your Trek designs or refits in 3D similar to your New Haven Chronicle designs?
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