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Sorry, haven't had much free time to play. Plus it seems like if I do get a small chunk of time that it's spent patching (I have a slow Internet connection). I will try to get on again tonight.

For someone with limited time, what's the best way for me to contribute? Thanks.

I run the quickest dailies for dilithium and drop it into the projects. Run the Officer Reports daily and search for "quick DS9" and the top hits can all be completed just by clicking a few interactables at the Bajoran Temple, netting 1440 dilithium and 50 Fleet Marks. That plus asteroid mining and the confrontation with the Breen ship to free the prisoners are easily done in 15 minutes without any combat.

Also run Doff missions that you are very likely to get critical successes on so you get 125 dilithium per success instead of 5.

A few days of the asteroid mining should also yield enough particle traces to sell for sufficient on the Exchange to buy Doffs or replicate shield gens/warp coils/stem bolts for the star base projects.
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