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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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they simply figured why leave in a scene that has no relavance to the plot--especially if any sequel will focus on following up on Spock's death--not Sulu having his own ship.
They could have left the scene in regardless ... after Sulu went renegade in TSFS, they would have had the perfect excuse for NOT giving him his own ship after all.

Very true, but they didn't have the trek 3 script at the time of the release of Trek 2, so they couldn't have known how it would play out.

But that's the very excuse they used in the Trek 3 novel--that Sulu couldn't take command until the whole Genesis situation had blown over.

Personally I would have left in the scene simply because they promised him it would be in there. One line of Dialogue in any sequel would have taken care of why he didn't take command on schedule.
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