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Re: Chevy Chase says doing Community show was a "Big Mistake"

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I don't like Community and gave up on it after 3 episodes but really the lowest form of television is "reality" tv not sitcoms.
I'd urge you to give it a second chance. I gave up very early on when it originally started airing, but after reading so much good stuff about it I gave it another go and stuck with it and it's now my second favorite sitcom (after Arrested Development.)
Whenever anyone tells me they don't like Community, I just have them watch season 1's Modern Warfare (the paintball episode). It was probably the first episode of Community that really drove home the whole style of the show.
Exactly.. that episode is amongst the funniest things i ever saw.. only topped by the two parter paintball episode which was even more brilliant.

My tipping point was Troy and Abend in the Morning and their Spanish Rap segment early in season 1.. i laughed so hard and hysterically that my stomach hurt!
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