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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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If it's just one battlefield after another, that doesn't seem as interesting.
Depends on the battlefields. Each planet could call for a totally different kind of warfare, which in turn could mean different types of soldiers, i.e. a new cast of characters each season.
I'd rather they kept the focus on a single unit and/or cast of characters, although with an appreciably large amount of cast turnover (because war series). War is as Temis noted kind of rare for TV due to expense, but HBO's miniseries Band of Brothers and The Pacific were excellent war narratives with a sprawling cast of characters connected by all being members of one unit. I think this war series - like so much TV - will live or die on how much or how little we actually care about these soldiers. I could see the show moving away from the unit, for example, but only because Main Character and Some Supporting Characters are transferred into the new unit/outfit/whatever.

Moving the location of the warfare, though - different planet every season, wasn't it? - is a great idea. Gives each season an arc that concludes recognizably, and allows the arcs to work together as part of the series' greater whole (assuming we have a perspective on how well or how poorly the war is progressing).

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You'd be surprised. Don't forget, the Bela Lugosi Dracula was released on Valentine's Day, 1931 and marketed as "The Strangest Love Story Ever Told."
Oh, I wouldn't. My point - if this wasn't clear - is that Bela Lugosi's Dracula has never been dismissed as 'girl stuff' in the way the Twilight series has (and to various extents Anne Rice and her many imitators/contemporaries), but there's definitely some sex appeal going on there.
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