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Re: Sisko's favorite baseball team

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In rehearsals for the Holosuite ep, Cirroc Lofton wore a Braves cap because of his uncle (Kenny Lofton, who played for the Braves at that time). So I figure Avery Brooks wore a Giants cap because of some real world connection to that team.

If Avery is a Giants fan IRL, then Sisko probably is one on the show.
I always found it funny that Cirroc wore a braves cap, because Kenny Lofton played the majority of his career with the Cleveland Indians, who were bitter postseason rivals of the Braves at the time. I think that year (when "take me out to the holosuite" was made) was the only year of Kenny's career where he was on the Braves.
What's so funny about that? As you said yourself Lofton was a Brave at the time. Sorta does make sense, someone from New Orleans is probably going to pick the Braves or one of the Texas/Florida teams.

Really doesn't matter too much anyways, baseball allegiances can be tricky things. I managed to be a Cub fan even though I've lived in Texas all my life.
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