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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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Seeing as how the pilot and the movie are obviously linked right down to one actor playing the same character and moments like the lighter playing out what is the "in universe" reason for O'Neill's spelling error? Is there one or just chalked up to bad real world goof. I mean they spell Kawalsky and Ferretti right in both credits, hard to think O'Neill with the one 'L' was an issue.
It's just one of the many changes they made in the series from the movie. There are a few, though the only other one that stands out at the moment is that the movie states that Abydos was in another galaxy, while in the series it is very obviously in the Milky Way.

Later in the series they make a joke about the different spelling. While talking to a news reoprter, O'Neill says "it's O'Neill, with two Ls. There's another Colonel O'Neil, spells it with one L. No sense of humour."

So it seems as stated in the second episode that ancient Earth cultures most likely populate many of the destinations on the Stargate. They wasted no time by showing early Monguls and Minoan cultures in episodes 3&4. I'm thinking this concept will last for the first few seasons? I know at some point we get beyond(I know little gray Thor is much later down the road) that but for now that's likely the first few season? Yes?
The ancient civilizations on other worlds is primarily in the first few seasons, then we start seeing humans who have technology 100 years behind or ahead of us, though mostly primitive humans. By the end of the series, they're making weekly trips to Renaissance Faires.

My goal would be to have all 10 seasons viewed by the end of the year. I also know there were some wrap up telefilms, right? It's down the road but should those be viewed after the series is over or are they bridging films to any particular seasons.
The two DVD films The Ark of Truth and Continuum are meant to be watched after the series. They wrap up two prominent storylines from the final seasons which the show didn't have time to complete due to its cancellation.
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