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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

This show has a big problem that I don't think it can recover from.

The lead character that plays Charlie is a very poor actress. It has started to become more and more obvious now that we are at the second episode. Shows can get away with a bad or boring lead actor if the supporting cast is amazing, but this isn't the case here. It is obvious the network wants her to be their Hunger Games Katniss wanna character, since that franchise has become so big. At the moment I find her character to be annoying and stupid, terrible traits to have as the leading character. I hope the actress can get better eventually before she sinks the series.

It looks like her dumb brother and obvious future conflicted militia boyfriend will be around for quite a while.

Whenever we get scenes with the teens, it is awful.

Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, and Elizabeth Mitchell are the only ones that have been doing a decent acting job on the show so far. Too bad it looks like they are all supporting characters.

I REALLY can't take the guy that plays the evil General seriously since he had also been on another failed NBC show, The Cape.

There is something about the show so far that makes it look cheap. It would be so much better if they dirted the characters up even a little. I can imagine how much better this show would be if it was on cable.
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