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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

I watched the movies Saving Private Ryan, Flattop, Run Silent Run Deep and PT-109. None of those movies make any reference to the V weapons
Exactly: V-weapons are a side note in WWII. Even an overall epic about that war (for which none of these "niche" movies really qualify - something like "Band of Brothers" would be more appropriate) is excused for not making a mention.

But cloaked missiles should not be a side note in the Dominion War if they existed.

And DS9 isn't a TV show about a "submarine"...

So if the tactical need arose, any Starfleet ship could have a working cloaking device in short order.
This might be of relatively little help, as the crews would be inexperienced in cloaking warfare and unaware of the nuances and shortcomings of their particular brand of technology. Give night vision goggles to a soldier unaccustomed to them, and his unequipped counterpart will triumph in a night fight... (OTOH, take the goggles away from a soldier accustomed to them and give then to an opponent unaccustomed to them, and all bets are off!)

Timo Saloniemi
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