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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

Bry_Sinclair wrote:
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But here's the thing: They're not together. That's not how things started out in the alternate universe, and Kirk and Spock probably wouldn't have ever bothered with each other had it not been for Prime Spock. Who is together starting out in the alternate reality? Kirk and Bones are best friends, and I doubt anything will change that.
The trio is a far more important relationship to the franchise that needs to be nutured and developed, seeing how three men of different backgrounds come together to form a friendship that would last for decades to come. More screen time needs to be given to matter such as that rather than a love story (or if they do want to go that root, then they should really shake things up and have Kirk and Spock finally get together).
So it sounds like you had some hopes that were dashed in the last film, but more about that in a bit.

"Far more important" by whose standards? I think the entire team is important, but you are making it very clear that your preference is to see a movie about three men like it's an old boys club. These versions of these characters may have friendships similar to those in TOS, or not. It remains to be seen.

What I love most about your response here is that you at least are broaching what this conversation may really be about: Kirk and Spock as a gay couple, with perhaps Bones added in for good measure. I have nothing against seeing gay couples (perhaps they could introduce one down the road), but these particular characters are not of that orientation. Uhura, who you seem to have quite a lot of unnecessary hostility towards, is a reminder of that, and perhaps that's why she's being villainized.

And please don't say she's not being villainized; she is. It's like Malaika said about the last couple to few pages of this thread. So many things have been said that I've read elsewhere, and if we keep going I'll hear them all here eventually.

What you basically have pointed out is that no amount of discussion is going to do any good on this one, because we're not just talking of "friendships;" we're talking of relationship preferences. That's why Spock can't have a girlfriend/fiancée and have male friends on the side. It has nothing to do with him being half Vulcan. Because, the reality is, some people are upset that that little bee came along and stole their (Kirk/Bones') man. How dare she! That's always been the tone of these discussions, at least the ones I've read and participated in. I do thank you for your honesty, and please be bold enough to not try to take it back now.

It was nice talking to you.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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