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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

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Out of curiosity I started reading the Dredd comic books, and the one I read was surprisingly silly. It was one of the first ones, though. He has a robot butler with a lisp
Heh, after seeing the movie I was talking with my uncle and the first thing he asked was if that robot was in the movie.
That would be Walter the Wobot, and yes Dredd had a robot butler, and also a crazy Italian landlady!

The one thing Dredd doesn't really show is how batshit crazy Mega City 1 is. Whilst it's an incredibly violent place, it's also full of the ridiculous and the absurd. With unemployment over 90% people do all sorts of things to pass the time. There are Fatties (the name doesn't do them justice, these guys are really huge) Simps (people who dress ridiculously) batgliders and skysurfers, and thanks to a man named Otto Sump, even making yourself ugly is fashionable. Heck the city had an orangutan as mayor once...
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