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Re: How come theres never a queue for the Turbo Lift on the Bridge ?

any connection between the location of the neck windows and the position of the turboshaft is entirely conjectural, isn't it?
Certainly. But see below.

Add to this that any vertical turboshaft would be cutting an already confined space into two.
Which might be a positive thing. After all, the spaces would be of an awkward shape to start out with. Dividing them into forward and aft halves, each directly accessed by the lift, would give more useful shapes. An angled passage along the leading or trailing edge could be dedicated to a stairway, then, as those need to be angled and no gravitic trickery would be needed for that in this particular case.

There is just one place in the neck where a vertical shaft can run straight the whole distance, and it happens to be the area where there are no windows, either. That is, it would be just ahead of the stack of three lit windows in the "Mirror, Mirror" capture.

without any horizontal movement
I rather doubt we can establish anything from the direction or speed of those lights flashing by, except that the lift is moving when the lights flash. Any correlation with direction or speed seems haphazard at best. Certainly a diagonal "express shaft" would seem to run contrary to the idea of the lights being shaft wall lights visible through lift cab "windows", as the cab would have to rotate from the shaft angle to the deck angle whenever our heroes enter or exit, yet the lights do not reveal any rotation.

Sending one guard with decker---worst security teams---ever.
Oh, dunno. That single guy put up quite a good fight!

Timo Saloniemi
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