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Hawaii 5-0 Season 3 discussion/spoilers

We finally meet Steve's mother and I'm not sure I trust her. Why didn't she kill Wo Fat? Something's fishy here and it's not Kamekona's shrimp. I read a theory in another forum that Doris may not have shot Wo Fat because she's his mother making Steve and Wo Fat half-brothers. I guess it's possible.

Poor Chin Ho... knew his wife was a goner as soon as they married but I thought that it wouldn't be so soon. Note to producers...stop killing Reiko Aylesworth're pissing me off. Glad to see that Chin Ho took out Delano and they didn't drag it out. Good call. It'll be interesting how he deals with have killed Delano the way he did.

Good episode but the Wo Fat brearkout was cheesy as hell. The CGI was sort of crappy and it seems way over the top how it was done.
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